Thursday, March 30, 2017

Easy to complain

I'm guilty of it. I know many of my friends are guilty of it as well. I complain about the weather. It is either too hot, or too cold, or we have had too much rain, or not enough of it. I complain about all of the manic changes that are happening to our weather right now due to climate change. The extremes seem to be getting more and more extreme.

Yet for all  of my complaining, I do not have the ability to change the weather. Yes possibly if a few hundred million people did their part to cut green house gases for a few decades, maybe the earth might be able to repair itself. But just because I complain about the heat or the rain does not mean that it will be going away anytime soon. The weather is beyond our control.

Some people enjoy complaining. I liken these people to Mamma Bear and Pappa Bear from the fairytale of Goldilocks. Either the soup is too hot or too cold and the bed is too hard or too soft. People who complain often want attention in life. Look at me I am not happy. You need to adjust to my needs. Sometimes people complain in order that things might get better. If I give my critique, then maybe thing will get better. Sometimes people complain just for the sake of complaining.

Other people don't like to complain. They don't want to make a scene. They don't want to upset others. They don't feel confident enough in themselves to express their opinions. Maybe they just find it easier to go along.

I think the best option is in the middle. I think those who complain all of the time risk being dismissed. The listener thinks "Oh that's Mr. Smith, he is never happy," rather than taking the complaint seriously. On the otherhand if one is too compliant, one might have to endure endless frustrations (someone continues to serve you brussel sprouts for instance because you have never complained about them even though you think they are disgusting).  But sometimes we need to use critical thought, express areas of improvement, in order that we can move ahead and make positive strides in the world. Blessings

Lenten thanksgiving
Thursday March 23rd I give thanks for the gift of working together. The choir I sing with persevered with a difficult piece of music.
Friday March 24th I give thanks for a quiet night at home after a busy week.
Saturday March 25th I give thanks for the gift of preparation. We readied our house for a social gathering.
Sunday March 26th I give thanks for the ability to offer hospitality to others.
Monday March 27th I give thanks for the surf and tide at a gorgeous beach on a warm autumn day.
Tuesday March 28th I give thanks for ears to listen as our church council attended a meeting where a presentation was made.
Wednesday March 29th I give thanks for community as members of our church gathered to watch a movie starring one of our congregants.
Thursday March 30th I give thanks for the gift of family. Brian's cousin died today and I remember her warm welcome that she gave me despite our differences in politics.

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