Thursday, May 18, 2017

Never getting what we want

Everyone in the world contains certain things which make us human. We all breathe oxygen. We all have blood that circulates through our bodies. We need our hearts and and our brains to live. We generally have similar looks with some variations (no I don't mean we all look a like, but rather, I never confuse a human for a koala bear, an elephant, or a kookaburra because even with the many variations in our looks, we look like a human being). In many ways we are the same.

But we also differ. Some are short. Some are tall. Some speak English. Others speak Japanese. Some are rich. Others live in abject poverty. And we differ in our politics.

Some people want nothing to do with politics. They hate the news. They feel that nothing changes anyways so what is the difference. Oh they complain when governments make bad choices but they choose not to get involved. Others are too partisan, voting only for one party and considering those who don't to be ill informed, stupid, or worse. Some people favour big government, feeling that this ensures that everyone gets a fair shake. Others feel big government leads to wastage and mismanagement. Some people want governments not to spend too much in order that their own individual pocketbooks might not be hurt. Others don't mind paying taxes in order that there is money for roads, schools, hospitals, and social services.

I also don't think that any party is totally right. Yes I may vote a certain way, but I know that politics is a human institution and that as such wrong decisions will be made. When I vote, I know that no one party completely shares my views. On the other hand, I have to admit that no one party is completely 100% wrong. Some come close, very close indeed to being totally wrong, but my theology states that I must love my fellow human being, who like me requires some grace, who like me is far from perfect. I may not ever vote for them, but I can never say that they are wrong 100% per cent, 100% of the time.

Does this mean that we give politicians carte blanche to do whatever they want? No, we must continue to speak for good government, to express our satisfaction and dissatisfaction with things we like or dislike. We must continue to make our planet a better place. This means disagreement, debate, compromise will always be part of politics. All politicians, no matter what their stripe, can make decisions which anger us. All politicians no matter what their stripe, can make wrong decisions which might please us or anger us. But we must always strive for the good.  Blessings.

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