Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Go ahead and hug your microwave

Confessions of a realistic pollyanna

In the movie Sophie's choice, Meryl Streep as Sophie utters these lines, "The Truth. What is Truth?" I think we are living in such an age. You see in this world of instant communication, it is easy to post anything, whether it is true or not. And the fact of the matter is that no matter how ridiculous some of these statements are, some people believe them. These half truths, or alternative facts, live on, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Take for instance the terrorist attack in Sweden. It did not happen. But for those who are scared for their safety, for those who truly believe they are next, the statement that there have been attacks in Sweden breed fear, xenophobia, and hatred. People fear the other even more. The statement was false but it forwards an agenda that the others are evil and we alone are good.

Take for instance the statement that the former president wire tapped President Trump. It didn't happen. But this statement manages to convince those who did not like the last president that they were right. He could not be trusted. For those who are pushing an agenda of smaller government and libertarianism, this statement that there was wiretapping becomes a truth. Big Brother is there. You are being watched.

We get caught up in the alternative facts that have been espoused in the press. Some of us laugh at them, some of us mock them, some of us lampoon them, some of us believe them. These alternative facts take on new life- whether they are close to truth or not. And they act as a distraction to the real agenda that is happening. 

There has been a cut in funding to the UN. My world will suffer because there will be less emphasis on peace, and well being. UNICEF and World Health Organisation programmes will be slashed because of less funding from the US. Diseases such as SARS, AIDS, and ebola have all been fought by the monies given to the UN. What new diseases will be allowed to flourish with lack of health funding.

There has been a cut to the Environmental Protection Agency. However, our world is getting clogged with pollution. Temperatures are rising. Islands in the Pacific face flooding. More and more people are threatened by industrial pollution. Our world is dying, and needs agencies such as the EPA to protect it.

I know that learning about others helps me to understand the commonalities that we all share. But because of the agenda of fear that exists, people are building literal and figurative walls that divide. Such divisions inevitably lead to war which benefits the arms makers and war mongers. 

Alternative facts are telling us to fear the other, close the doors to anyone not like us, to become less hospitable. Alternative facts though are distractions to what is really happening in our world.  Now go hug your microwave. Blessings

Lenten blessings

Friday March 10, I give thanks for the connections that I feel with others.
Saturday March 11th, I give thanks for the common knowledge that we gather when we share. We watched a film called Masterless for Cinemameet. I had my own opinions about the film, but as I talked with others these opinions were confirmed, stretched, changed.
Sunday March 12th- I gave thanks for the spirit of completion. It was our concert for the Mosman Musical Society. our efforts were well received.
Monday March 13th- I gave thanks for the beauty of nature. I took a walk and observed the autumn plants and briliant colours.
Tuesday March 14th- I gave thanks for the gift of families. Sometimes the way of families is not always smooth. There are disagreements. There are misspoken words. Yet almost always love wins out.
Wednesday March 15th- I gave thanks for the gift of storytellers. I went to the film Moonlight. I was shocked by the violence, loneliness, despair, and redemption found in the character.
Thursday March 16th- I gave thanks for the opportunity to start something new. I am sitting on a new committee of presbytery and it is always interesting to be on something that is at its beginning.s

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